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 Baiting For Fire Ants 
Baiting for Fire Ants

Baiting for fire ant Control is the first choice here at A & E Pest Controls

With the use of Fire Ant Baits you can get total colony elimination. The adult workers will take the bait back to the mound where they feed the Larvae stage of growth. The Larvae will then secrete a liquid food to feed the entire colony. In doing this you will get complete control over the colony. Killing the Queen Fire Ant is vital to total colony elimination and control. Once the queen is killed, the colony will go into disarray and die. Baiting for Fire Ants is a very effective method for fire ant control.

Broadcast your Fire Ant Baits

Here at A & E Pest Control we get great results using a broadcast application. This will allow foraging Fire Ants to collect and bring the Fire Ant Bait back to the colony. Many of your Fire Ant Baits are slow, taking several days to kill the mound. Being slow to kill will let the bait have time to spread throughout the entire colony. By broadcasting the Fire Ant Bait will control fire ant colonies even if their mounds are not seen above ground.

  • Fire Ants will forage (search) for food in the early morning or in the late afternoon. For best results make application of Fire Ant Baits in the early morning after the dew or irrigation water has evaporated or in the late afternoon when chance of rain is more than 8 hours away.
  • For best control results apply (Broadcast) Fire Ant Baits in Early Spring and Early Fall when Fire Ants are actively searching for food, but can be used effectively anytime during the year when ants are active. You may also have to treat a few individual mounds in the summer.

Recommended Fire Ant Baits:
advion fire ant bait
Advion Fire Ant Bait; Advion Fire Ant Bait is a very fast and effective bait to use in the contro of imported fire ants in 24-72 hours.
extinguish plus
Extinguish Plus Fire Ant Bait; Fire Ant bait with an IGR. Extinguish Plus is A & E Pest Control’s First Choice; we use this Fire Ant Bait and get very good long term results. The active ingredient will kill the ant colony while the IGR will prevent the queen from laying fertile eggs.
maxforce fire ant bait
Maxforce FC Fire Ant Bait; Bayer manufactures Maxforce FC Fire Ant Bait which is a very effective granular bait for the control of any fire ant colonies in your lawns and landscaped areas.
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