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 Cockroach Help 

Cockroaches can survive anywhere they can find food, water and harborage. They can find and consume even the tiniest amounts of food and moisture. This means that sanitation is a very key component of Cockroach control. Some of the more important sanitation measures are listed below.

  • Store your food stuffs in containers such as glass jars or sealable plastic containers, even in the freezer or refrigerator
  • Keep all of your garbage and trash in containers with tight-fitting lids
  • Removal of  any trash, paper bags, newspapers and magazines is recommended
  • Remove any items that can provide hiding places and harborage
  • Increasing ventilation where condensation is a problem (German Cockroaches do not like moving Air)
  • You must eliminate any plumbing leaks and other sources of  moisture
  • Vacuuming any cracks and crevices to remove food and debris will help
  • Any food or beverages that may have been spilled should cleaned up immediately
  • Vacuuming will remove live cockroaches, shed skins, dead cockroach body parts and egg capsules. When using a vacuum on cockroach bodies and etc. Wearing a Dust Mask is a MUST
  • Vacuuming is used by the Pros in clean outs, this helps  to get quicker control
  • Vacuuming live cockroaches will reduce their numbers and help you to get control quicker
  • Vacuumed cockroaches and other debris should be destroyed ASAP. The microscopic bits and pieces of the dead cockroaches and their dropping can cause a allergic reaction in some people. It has been proven to cause asthma in children
  • We always recommend the vacuum cleaner have HEPA (high efficiency particulate absorber) or triple filters. Wearing a Dust Mask is a MUST
  • Caulking up some of the Cracks and Crevices will take away many of the harborage areas
  • Trim shrubbery around buildings to increase light and air circulation, especially near vents, and eliminate ivy or other dense ground covers near the house, as these may be home to cockroaches (English Ivy and other types of Ivy or known to harbor several species of cockroaches)
  • Remove items such as firewood, trash, and any other items that can provide harborage areas for cockroaches on the outside of your home or business

Bringing Cockroaches into the Home

  • Clean and Treat any used Appliance or Furniture before bringing into the home

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