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 Controlling Black Widow Spiders 
By Eric Shaw

Getting and maintaining control of Black Widow Spiders will require you the home owner to check the outside and inside of your home very closely. Here at A & E we suggest that you use a combination of both non-chemical and chemical control measures. First we suggest removing as much of their harborage areas as possible, fire wood, clutter, and other items around the home. Next is using a vacuum along with exclusion. Exclusion for spiders can be very difficult to impractical. Our next step is to service the outside of your home with a very good pest control product, like Demand CS. This step can and will kill the majority of the spiders around the outside of your home.
Inspection; A thorough inspection of the premises is a must. This will allow you to locate any areas occupied by black widow spiders. This will allow you the home owner to focus most of you attention in these areas. Keep in mind that black widow spiders will build webs in and around boxes and piles of clutter. We suggest looking under your down spout diverters, behind the down spouts, and under the edge of your siding. Firewood is another area to look at; here we suggest moving the firewood away from the house and DO NOT SPRAY any insecticides directly onto your firewood.

Non-Chemical; Black Widow Spiders are found around and next to your home or buildings because this will give them the favorable conditions and hiding places that they need to survive. Here are a few of the sanitation practices that A & E Pest Control recommends.
  • Firewood, any lumber, stones, and any other debris should be moved as far from the home or structure as possible
  • Heavy vegetations such as box wood, ivy and other vegetations should be cut away from the foundation.
  • Tall grasses and other landscaping should be regularly maintained
  • Basements and garages should be arranged trying to store items off the floor and away from the wall. Removing or reducing clutter can also limit many available harborage areas
  • Any unused flower pots or other type of containers should be removed.
  • If you have any rodent stations on the exterior of your home or buildings, please be aware that the inside of the stations are a great for black widow spiders to build their web. Use care when opening the stations
  • Removing any existing Black Widow Spiders should be done with great care as the bite of the black widow can be very deadly to some people. We stress, use extreme care when removing any black widow spiders and egg cases.
  • Any black widow spiders, webs, and egg sacs can be removed by using a vacuum (we recommend non-residuals see below) where and when they are spotted during the inspection. After using a vacuum for black widow spiders, the vacuum bag should be removed immediately after finishing. The bag removed and sealed in a plastic bag before being discarded in an outdoor garbage receptacle.
  • Any cracks or small gaps on the building exterior and/or around your window and door frames should be sealed with caulk or copper mesh to prevent entry. All doors should be fitted with weather strips on the bottom and all foundation vents should contain tight-fitting screens. The use of caulk on the outside of your home can keep spiders and other pests out of your home, and the added advantage is you are weather proofing your home and can save money on your cooling and heating bills.

Insecticides for Black Widow Spider Control

We recommend the use of a non-residual aerosol that can be sprayed directly onto the black widow spiders, this will kill any live spiders and is a quicker and easier alternative to vacuuming. 565 PLUS XLO and Extra are ideal for a quick contact kill and flushing agent for black widow spiders. They will kill and flush most other pests that may be a problem for many homeowners

  • Wall voids and other similar areas should be treated using an insecticidal dust (we recommend and use Delta Dust Insecticide). Pesticide Dust products are a great treatment choice for many of your out of the way areas where Pest infestations can be heavy, such as attics, basements, crawl spaces, sill plate areas, and wall voids. Please read and follow the label directions for application to these and any other areas. For ease of use in your applications to wall voids and other areas we recommend the use of a Hand Duster. The Hand Duster will make your treatment a little easier and use less product while doing a good job.
  • A & E Pest Control recommend treating any cracks or small gaps on the building exterior and/or around your window and door frames with Delta Dust before these areas are sealed with caulk or copper mesh to prevent entry.
  • After you have done the above steps you should treat the outside of your home or building using a good liquid residual product. Here at A & E Pest Control we use Demand Cs. Our other choices are listed below. When we service the homes on our route we will try to do a very good job on the outside this might eliminate the need to spray the inside of your home. We start out by treating around all the doors, windows and any other entry points into the home. Then we will treat under the eaves, behind the down spouts, under the bottom edge of the siding and under the down spout diverters. Then we will use a product like Talstar PL in a band about 8 feet wide on the outside of the home. This treatment method will also help on most of your pest problems.
  • If you have the need to treat the inside of your home we feel Demand Cs is the best choice. Great Label and MSDS sheet

Demand CS
A & E's Choice for day to day pest control work. Demand cs is great for the control of Spiders. 8 oz. bottle will make 19 to 38 gallons of ready to use product.
Talstar PL
A & E's choice for the control of Fleas, Scorpions, Spiders, and many other pests. With Talstar PL you get long lasting control.
Click on the link for all of our Spider Control products.
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