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Earwigs sometimes give even the most experienced professional problems.  So the Do It Yourself Pest Control Person should SOS (search out the source). The removal of habitat will help in the control of the earwigs

Earwigs are fast moving insects about 1 inch long, reddish brown to black in color, and have distinctive pincers at the end of their abdomen. They are commonly found in large groups under debris, rocks, and flower pots around the outside of homes. Indoors they may be seen in kitchens and bathrooms, but also other rooms in the home. Earwigs generally feed as scavengers on dead insects and rotting plant material. The adults overwinter and lay their eggs in moist soil in the spring. The gregarious behavior of the adults and immature stages may result in large concentrations of these insects in secluded locations. Earwigs often occur in close proximity to people, even getting into homes, through doorways, windows and other cracks and crevices, but usually do not become established indoors. Indoors they seek out warm, moist areas and thus may be found in basements, kitchens, and occasionally in bathrooms. Inside they are nuisance pests, and being nocturnal, forage at night and rest in dark, moist places during the day time.

Do It Yourself Pest Control of  earwigs start with removing as much of their preferred harborage (under flower pots or other flat objects) around the home; this will reduce outdoor populations. Sealing door thresholds and around windows will also be helpful.  For long-term management look for sources of moisture and correct them. Trim back vegetation that shades the structure and contributes to moisture retention around the foundation, and other parts of the structure. Ground covers may need to be removed from along foundation walls. Clean gutters and repair broken downspouts as needed. Be sure crawl spaces are well ventilated to remove moisture.

Do It Yourself Pest Control of earwig populations outdoors: Here at A & E Pest Control we are having getting great control using Niban around the house and in the bedding around the home. We will also treat the outside foundation, window sills, door jams, and any entry point  with Demand CS, Demon WPSuspend SC, or TalstarP (TalstarOne). Also treat the ground around your home 5 to 8 feet wide with Talstar PL granules.All of these products are odorless and will give you great results.

If earwigs are coming indoors use a crack and crevice treatment such as Cy-Kick CS aerosol, spraying along the baseboards, beneath cabinets, and other hiding places on the ground level. A crack and crevice tube is included to spray with a fine stream.

As the Do It Yourself Pest Control Person you are the one responsible for any Drift of Pesticide or contamination of waters in the area. So please read and follow the label very carefully.

    Bifen IT
    Starting at $25.40
    This is the product of choice by many Pros.
    Catchmaster Glue Boards 72 MB
    Starting at $34.60
    catchmaster 72tc
    Starting at $30.80
    CatchMaster 72TC is a narrower Glue Board, this allows it to be used in smaller and tighter areas.
    Each Case has 72 Glue Boards
    cy-kick cs
    Starting at $42.80
    A long lasting residual for the control of many pests. This is Sold in 16 oz. Bottles Only.
    For the 120 ounce bottle click here.
    cy kick cs
    Starting at $24.10
    A & E's Choice for Crack & Crevice Treatments.
    delta dust
    Starting at $19.90
    A long lasting, waterproof Insecticidedust.
    delta dust
    Starting at $32.90
    Delta Dust and Duster combo for the Do-It-Yourselfer.
    demand cs
    Starting at $58.80
    A & E's Choice for day to day pest control work. Demand cs is great for the control of Spiders. 8 oz. bottle will make 19 to 38 gallons of ready to use product.
    demon wp
    Starting at $15.20
    nuvan prostrips
    Starting at $46.90
    Each pack of Nuvan Prostrips comes with 12 x 16 gram strips.
    nuvan prostrips +
    Starting at $48.80
    Each pack of Nuvan Prostrips Plus comes with 3 x 65 gram strips.
    orthene pco
    Starting at $74.90
    Orthene PCO Pellets
    suspend sc
    Starting at $53.50

    talstar p
    Starting at $34.90
    Talstar P (Bifenthrin)
    Talstar PL
    Starting at $49.90
    A & E's choice for the control of Fleas, Scorpions, and other pests.
    Starting at $36.00
    Tengard has a great label and can be used on fruit trees.
    Starting at $74.50
    Termidor Sc is the best termiticide on the market today.
    catchmaster fruit fly trap
    Starting at $12.95
    CatchMaster Fruit Fly & Insect Traps are safe for use in sensitive areas such as schools, hospitals and even food service and food prep areas.
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