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 Flea Treatment Checklist 



These are Suggestions Only





Fleas feed on animal and human blood as they move from one host to another.

(Example: from your pet to you)  The average life cycle is about 30 days.


Adult fleas enter your home on you or your pet where they lay eggs.  The eggs soon fall off throughout your house and are concentrated in areas of the house where your pet spends most of its time. 


The eggs hatch in 2-6 days and become worm like larvae.  They feed on organic debris. The larvae then spin a cocoon around themselves to enter the pupal state. They may remain in this stage for 2 weeks or more before emerging as new Adults … beginning the cycle again.




ð     Clear all floor surfaces, including items on closet floors, under beds, and furniture.

ð     On the day of the treatment, vacuum your carpets, rugs and furniture, including under cushions of upholstered furniture.  Vacuum wood and tile floors with special attention to grooves and cracks. This will remove any loose flea eggs, pupae, and larvae. Pay special attention to wall/floor junctures and all areas frequented by pets.  Seal vacuum bag in a plastic bag and dispose outside in a covered receptacle. Be sure to clean thoroughly all areas frequented by cats, i.e. table tops, window sills, etc.

ð     Clean the pet’s bedding the day of the treatment to remove fleas.  If pet sleeps on the bed, remove all bedding and launder the day of the treatment. Cover aquariums and turn off air pumps.

ð     Clean basement and garage floors with soap and water if pet spends time in these areas. Pay particular attention to wall/floor junctures.

ð     Clean areas around dog houses and other outside areas where pets have access. (Maximum effectiveness of treatment will be achieved if lawn is cut prior to treatment

ð     Turn off ceiling fans before treatment, also change your thermostat about 2 degrees just so the a/c-heat will not come on during treatment. This will allow your home to say comfortable. 




ð      Spray all areas that you have vacuumed, as above, with as even a coat as possible.  Pay special attention to the wall/floor junctions and pet bedding areas.

ð      Remove all pets during treatment. Do not let pets return home until after treatment dries.

ð      Leave the house for at least 2 hours or until the sprayed areas are completely dry.




ð      In 10 to 14 days, place a white cloth on the floor where most of the flea activity was present. If many fleas are noted.  RETREAT THESE AREAS



Note:  It is common to see a few fleas for up to 2 weeks after treatment.  These are adult fleas which are emerging from pupal cocoons.  They should not reproduce and should be killed in a few days after contacting the residual insecticide.

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