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 Going Green 
Going Green (IPM)

Today with all the talk from the media about pesticide misuse, many Companies are all about Going Green (Non-Toxic). Today you should use fewer pesticides but they do have a place in our day to day lives, used in moderation. Remember Table Salt can also be Toxic in the right amount, but this is an everyday item most of us enjoy (in moderation). This is why with IPM (Integrated Pest Management) we use Less Toxic with mechanical and non-chemical means to get pests under control. With IPM we believe that you need to think out your pest problem before any treatment begins. First, Identify your Pest, then Plan a course of action. This is more Environmental Friendly and we here at A & E's Do-It-Yourself Pest Control use this in our everyday route work.

With the use of IPM (Integrated Pest Management) A & E Pest Control can control your insect (pest problem) by using less pesticides along with other means, see below.

Bugs, bugs, bugs not many women can stand them. This is why we want to control them. With these Do it yourself pest control products, you do this and with better products that we sell here at A & E's Do It Yourself Pest Control. We can also help you if you have any questions.
There are many things you can do as a homeowner to help. In the pest control industry many companies are trying to use as many mechanical means to solve problems as we can. This can mean the use of a door sweep, or the use of a vacuum cleaner. With many of our products being mechanical in nature such as, Glue Boards, Ketch-All, Pro-Ketch, Snap-e Mouse Traps, Tip Traps for Mice, Provoke Mouse Attractant. For Rats (Roof Rats & Norway Rats) we have Big Snap-E Rat Traps, CatchMaster GBR Glue Boards, Provoke Rat Attractant and CatchMaster 48R Glue Boards. For sealing up some holes the use of Stuf-fit is great.

Some of our Less Toxic and Safer Products are: Allure Moth Trap, Gentrol Concentrate IGR, Gentrol Aerosol IGR, EcoPCO ACU Aerosol, EcoPCO Jet Wasp Freeze, Perma Dust, Advance 375A Ant Bait, Advance Cockroach Bait Gel, Advance Dual Choice Ant Stations, Alpine Cockroach Bait Gel, Bora Care (Termite Boric Acid Base), Copper Barrier Tape (Snails and Slugs), Dekko Silverfish Paks, EcoExempt D Dust, Extinguish Plus (Fire Ants), EZ Fly Traps, Flea Traps, Fly Relief Fly Traps, Gourmet Ant Bait, Ant Baits, Roach Baits, Niban (for numerous Pests), Precor Concentrate IGR, Precor IGR 1 ounce Bottles, Provoke Mouse Attractant, Provoke Rat Attractant, Terro PCO
Lets break it down by pests.

    Advance 375
    Starting at $25.40
    Granular Ant Bait for the control of several species of ants, including Carpenter Ants.
    advion roach bait arena
    Starting at $48.20
    DuPont has done it again with their Advion Cockroach Bait Arena which can be used to help control many roach populations, whether they are on the inside of your home or on the outside.
    advion roach bait
    Starting at $32.44
    Advion Cockroach Bait Gel
    catchmaster 100i
    Starting at $51.40

    catchmaster 48r
    Starting at $9.40
    Price: $9.40 for 2-Packs
             $16.40 for 4-Packs
             $46.20 for 12-Packs
    Catchmaster Glue Boards 72 MB
    Starting at $34.60
    catchmaster 72mb
    Starting at $37.90
    CatchMaster 72MB Glue Boards (Unscented)
    catchmaster 72tc
    Starting at $30.80
    CatchMaster 72TC is a narrower Glue Board, this allows it to be used in smaller and tighter areas.
    Each Case has 72 Glue Boards
    catchmaster fruit fly trap
    Starting at $12.95
    CatchMaster Fruit Fly & Insect Traps are safe for use in sensitive areas such as schools, hospitals and even food service and food prep areas.
    catchmaster glue boards
    Starting at $81.80
    Great Big Glue Boards for the control of Larger Pests.
    Extinguish Plus
    Starting at $33.75
    A & E's first choice in Fire Ant Baits.

    ez fly trap
    Starting at $13.40
    EZ Fly Trap can catch more flies that most traps.
    flyweb fly light
    Starting at $35.00
    Gentrol igr
    Starting at $19.90
    Insect Growth Regulator
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