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Millipedes can and will give the Do It Yourself Pest Control Person problems as it does for the Professionals.

have long, many-segmented bodies with two pairs of legs on most of the segments. Their legs appear to ripple in waves as they move. They have a cigar-shape body that can be curled up when disturbed. They can remain curled up and motionless for long periods of time. Millipedes range in length from less than 1 inch to more than 4 inches. Most homes have an abundance of good millipede habitat, including mulch around the home, decaying leaf litter in the woods, decaying grass clippings, and other damp, decaying plant debris. Any situation that helps increase the amount of decaying plant material also contributes to increased populations of millipedes. Millipedes are considered beneficial due to their role in helping break down plant material and return nutrients to the soil.

Most species of millipedes migrate in great numbers when we have too much rain or if its to dry. The brown millipede seems to be the most common species encountered. Brown millipedes are about 1 inch long and are recognized by the dark brown body with lighter stripes running lengthwise along their body. They are a common problem around homes in or near densely wooded areas where the soil has a high content of organic matter (in new subdivisions or newly constructed areas). They can also be a problem where lawns have received heavy applications of compost, rotted manure or sewage disposal waste. The female millipede lays eggs in or on the soil under decaying plant material. Larvae usually go through seven to 10 developmental stages, reaching adulthood in about two years. Adults may live for several years. Because of their beneficial nature, elimination of millipede populations is not usually desired. Eradication is impossible.

Do It Yourself Pest Control management of millipede populations can be accomplished by using an exterior application of a residual insecticide such as Demand CS, Demon WPTalstar P, or Suspend SC. Management does not come easy, most homes (we treat with Demand CS and Talstar PL on a quarterly service, 4 times a year) that we treat on a regular schedule, do not usually have much of a problem. Treat a 5 to 8 feet barrier all the way around the home and one foot up the foundation wall.  Spraying the millipede harborage areas such as under mulch, black plastic, or hollow trees will also help. You should also spray all the potential entry points into the home such as windows, doors, vents, plumbing, etc. We have not found a product that works quickly (some companies will use some products that work very well but are not labeled for this type of control-Beware as this is not safe or legal); this is one pest you need to have some patience with and if you treat on a regular schedule you can get your millipedes under control.

The new label for Termidor SC now includes millipedes, spiders, centipedes, ticks, wasps, yellow jackets  and more. This product will get your millipedes under control very quick and then use the other products on a regular basis for complete control.
As the Do It Yourself Pest Control Person you are the one responsible for any Drift of Pesticide or contamination of waters in the area. So please read and follow the label very carefully.

    demand cs
    Starting at $58.80
    A & E's Choice for day to day pest control work. Demand cs is great for the control of Spiders. 8 oz. bottle will make 19 to 38 gallons of ready to use product.
    Talstar PL
    Starting at $49.90
    A & E's choice for the control of Fleas, Scorpions, and other pests.
    Starting at $74.50
    Termidor Sc is the best termiticide on the market today.
    Bifen IT
    Starting at $25.40
    This is the product of choice by many Pros.
    Catchmaster Glue Boards 72 MB
    Starting at $34.60
    cy-kick cs
    Starting at $42.80
    A long lasting residual for the control of many pests. This is Sold in 16 oz. Bottles Only.
    For the 120 ounce bottle click here.
    cy kick cs
    Starting at $24.10
    A & E's Choice for Crack & Crevice Treatments.
    delta dust
    Starting at $19.90
    A long lasting, waterproof Insecticide dust.
    delta dust
    Starting at $32.90
    Delta Dust and Duster combo for the Do-It-Yourselfer.
    demon wp
    Starting at $15.20
    D Foam
    Starting at $21.50

    A & E's Choice: Deltamethrin in a Foam (Aerosol)
    1 - 17 oz. Aerosol

    orthene pco
    Starting at $74.90
    Orthene PCO Pellets
    suspend sc
    Starting at $53.50

    talstar p
    Starting at $34.90
    Talstar P (Bifenthrin)
    Starting at $36.00
    Tengard has a great label and can be used on fruit trees.
    catchmaster 72tc
    Starting at $30.80
    CatchMaster 72TC is a narrower Glue Board, this allows it to be used in smaller and tighter areas.
    Each Case has 72 Glue Boards
    catchmaster fruit fly trap
    Starting at $12.95
    CatchMaster Fruit Fly & Insect Traps are safe for use in sensitive areas such as schools, hospitals and even food service and food prep areas.
    cy kick aerosol
    Starting at $18.50
    Cy-Kick Aerosol is a Crack & Crevice Residual insecticide, used by many pest control professionals.
    catchmaster 100i
    Starting at $51.40

    cy kick cs
    Starting at $249.90
    A long lasting residual for the control of many pests.
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