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 Quarterly Pest Control 

Is Quarterly Pest Control For Me?

Quarterly pest control is just about the normal way of servicing the majority of homes by the pest control industry. Many Companies start out by treating the inside for your most common pests these will include many ant species, house centipedes, scorpions, silverfish, and spiders. It can also include some of your occasional invaders which can include american roaches, other outside roaches, beetles, crickets, earwigs, and other invaders. This is when your pest control tech. will come in and to treat your home. The first step should be to ask what kind of problems you have had. Then they should start an inspection process with a flashlight. Only after these steps should the treatment begin. Depending upon the pest activity, they choose the product needed for control and maintenance. This might include spraying and/or dusting the interior and exterior perimeter of your home. This is something you can do for yourself every three months or so if you have the time and desire to do your own pest control. Today the control of your more common pests can be done using better products we sell here at The more difficult pests can be the german cockroaches, fleas, termites, and bed bugs, can prove to be a challenge to even some professionals. This is why we offer several different products for each pest. If you talk to any professional pest control companies each one will use several different products and they will be different from the company next door.

Quarterly Pest Control Benefits;

Most of the insecticide products used by the professionals will remain active for 90 days or longer, and many of them actually use less active product from the old products like dursban of yesterday. Here at A & E Pest Control most of our customers see a decrease in pest activity shortly after the treatment is preformed. You may continue to see dead or dying pests in your home for a while. You may still see an occasional pest show up inside your home, but they will usually not last very long after they enter the home. Doing a good service on the outside of your home with better products will decrease the amount of insecticides you need to use on the inside of your home. We will do a complete Outside Pest Control Service Page so you can see what needs to be done there. We should try to treat our homes about every 3 months as with the continuation of quarterly pest control treatments this can, prevent future infestations from occurring.

Biggest Benefits;

The biggest benefit to doing your own quarterly pest control services is the cost savings over hiring a professional pest control company. Plus with some of the companies out there you never know who they are sending out to service your home and/or what kind of pest control treatment you will be getting. You treat your home, you know what you did. Peace of Mind.

Where do I begin?     

First you need to know what pests you will be dealing with, and design your quarterly pest control service around that pest. You may be having an American roach infestation while your friend across town may have more ant problems. Here at A & E Pest Control we tell everyone that no two homes are alike. This is why for some pests we will recommend baits, and others we might recommend insecticide granules. On our pest id pages you will see our preferred products. These are the same products that A & E Pest Control will normally use on a day to day basis. Please if you have any questions please email us at

General Household Pests;

General Household Pests are what we treat on a daily basis. They will be everything from ants (most species), centipedes, outside cockroaches (American, Oriental, Smoky Brown), millipedes, silverfish, scorpions and etc. German cockroaches, fleas, and bedbugs are considered specialty pests. Specialty pests may need to be treated on several different time frames. Termites are considered a major pest which you will need to treat a total different way, and the treatment should last for a number of years.

Exterior Treatment; the exterior should be your first line of defense. Here at A & E Pest Control we use Demand cs on the outside of your home, Demand cs will leave a great long term residual without any staining.  Other good products will include Suspend sc (2nd choice), Talstar P, and Bifen IT. When doing an exterior treatment please treat around window, doors, under eaves, foundation vents, and any other entry hole into your home. A couple of other places to treat are, behind your downspouts, and the plastic water diverter at the base of the downspouts. You can also use Delta Dust in a hand duster to treat small outside voids, the dust can be a better choice, because when you put the dust in what you think is a small void it may very well float several feet into the wall leaving a very good long lasting residual.

Treating the inside of your home if needed can be done very easily, using a gallon sprayer with low pressure, lightly spray in your window frames, door thresholds, baseboards in the corners of the rooms, water pipe entries under your sinks, and any other entry point you can find. We still recommend Demand cs for the long lasting residual and non staining property it has. One of the best ways is using Delta Dust with a hand duster, and treating beneath the baseboards, in the window frames, and any other small access hole into your home. The Delta Dust will float on the inside of the wall and adhere to the studs and insulation, leaving you a very long lasting residual with minimal product used. With Delta Dust a little goes a long way. When you finish your pest control treatment please follow the label and leave for the time listed in the label.


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