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 Roach Baiting 
German Roach Baits

Baiting for German Roaches is Our Preferred Treatment

Here at A & E Pest Control when we service an account for German Roaches we a baiting program. We try to get the home owners to clean, and de-clutter the home as this will help in getting the German Roach infestation under control. Then we try to hit all of the hot spots with bait placement of Advance Cockroach Bait Gel (Our Product of Choice for German Roaches). As we are treating homes you would see us using a good flashlight, this will help you in areas like under sinks, and behind items (we think a flashlight is a must). You will need to use small dots of gel bait placed about 12 inches apart. But we also tell you not to bait in areas that you do not see any activity. We also suggest the use of Catchmaster Glue Boards. We will use anywhere from 10 to 20 in some homes as monitors and Death Chambers. We will use a small dot of Gel Bait on the paper part of the Glue Boards to attract the German Roaches to the trap. This will also let us know where the worst problems are located when we do a return treatment.

How Gel Baits Work To Control Your German Roaches

The reason behind using a baiting program is when cockroaches feed on the Gel Baits, they can then in turn contaminate numerous other roaches by contact, feces, or the other roaches feeding upon the dead cockroaches that have already died due to eating the gel baits. This is known as the domino effect which can help get your German Roach infestation under control. The Professional formulations for use in your German Roach Baiting Program: Include Advance Roach Gel, Advion Gel, Maxforce Roach Gel, Maxforce FC, Maxforce Magnum. All of these baits are very effective, but due to a condition known as Bait Aversion, some German Roaches may avoid some of the older formulas. A couple of products that work very well on Bait Adverse Roaches are Advance Cockroach Bait Gel, and Maxforce Magnum.

Residual Spray Products (Do not use Any Residual Sprays)

The use of any residual insecticides should not be used. When a residual product is used in the same areas as the Gel Baits, this can lead to bait contamination which will repel any roaches away and then you will be fighting a losing battle. These are the only products that we can recommend that can be used in the same areas. These are Gentrol 1 oz. Bottles, Gentrol Point Source, Phantom Aerosol, and Phantom Concentrate. As a rule, keep residual sprays away from any of your gel bait placements. The exceptions are noted above.


Retreating on the average of 3 to 4 weeks is a good time frame as this will let you know what you are dealing with.


Keeping Catchmaster Glue Boards out in key locations will alert you to any new German Roaches before they get out of hand. We also suggest using Gentrol IGR on a regular basis, by doing this if any new German Roaches are introduced into your home or business this will get the IGR into their systems and make them easier to control. Here at A & E Pest Control we use the Gentrol Aerosol as it is just more convenient, no mixing, ready to use.

Think Crack and Crevice (C&C to the Pros)

German Cockroaches spend up to 90% of their lives in a crack or crevice. This is the reason you only see a few at any given time. The estimate of what you see is between 5 and 10 percent of the total population.
Hot Spots 
  • Behind kitchen cabinets
  • Behind back splash on counter tops
  • Behind pictures, clocks, and other wall hangings
  • Behind, beside, and under the stove
  • Behind and under refrigerator
  • Remove drawers and treat inside the cabinets
  • Around Microwaves, toasters and other small appliances
  • Remove outlet and switch covers (Be Careful)
  • Under table and chairs (Pros sometimes forget here)
  • Hot Spots 
    • Inside of computer desks, and book cases
    • Inside stored paper bags and boxes (plastic bags also)
    • Around electrical, pipes and anything that come out of the wall.
    • Behind and under bathroom fixtures
    • Inside and Behind the medicine cabinet and vanity
    • In any cracks or crevices around shelves, windows, and ect.
    • Even check the phones on the counter and the wall

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