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 Rodents in Restaurants 
Rat Control for Restaurants

We here at A & E Pest Control do not advise the use of toxic baits on the inside of a Restaurant. If you read the label on most rodenticides you will learn that it is not labeled for use on the inside for the control of rodents. If for some reason you have baited for your rodent problem, you need to be aware that if the rodents die inside the walls or other voids of the restaurant, in places where you cannot get to them or you may not be aware that they are inside of the wall, the dead rodent will start to rot and will stink very badly. Another side effect is the production of flies; the flies can cause you big headaches with the customers and health dept.
Rodent Control Practices

A & E Pest Control likes the IPM approach;

Trapping and removal of the rodents should be your first step. Using snap traps in your rodent stations and in other out of the way locations that are suspected runways. Using snap traps like the Big Snap-E with the Bell Labs Provoke for rats will increase the chances of trapping the rodents. When using snap traps remember they must be check on a regular basis.
Exclusion should be your second step. When you have solved the rodent problem on the inside then your next step is Exclusion. When you are dealing with rats remember a full grown rat can enter a hole, the size of a quarter. Using Stuf-fit in the entry holes can be your first step, but you may need to get a professional to fix any major areas of concern. You want 100% exclusion, this will keep the rodents on the outside and that is where you need to bait for them. One thing we have noticed is the lack of traps and or stations to do the proper job. Many companies will not do a good job because of the price. We charge for what we do. If the customer does not want to pay for the job to be done the right way, we will not take on the job; the reason is we know we will have a very unhappy customer and a rodent problem we can’t handle. When it comes to rats and mice you will want very quick control, not control in a few months.

  • Snap Traps on the inside of Rodent Stations (keeps trapped rodents out of sight)
  • Snap Traps in out of the way areas
  • Glue Boards where they are feasible
  • The use of several snap traps side by side (for the rat that might jump a new object)

The use of dozens of traps, placed in strategic locations that you suspect are runways for the rat problem. Remember that rats prefer to move along vertical surfaces, and use the same routes repeatedly (rats are creatures of habit). They will leave smudge marks on edges as they pass by, they will leave fecal droppings everywhere they go, and will urinate constantly. The use of a UV flashlight in low lighted areas will reveal the urine stains and other evidence of the rodents. This will allow you to get a handle on where they are traveling. If you are dealing with a frequently cleaned area you may try using a thin layer of Flour (Martha White is one brand) as this will let you see the areas that the rats may be frequenting. Once the areas are identified this will let the restaurant management know the areas that need to be sanitized.

Baiting and monitoring, should be incorporated as your maintenance program.

The use of a baiting system on the outside of the building is the first step to controlling a rodent problem from getting a foot hold in the building again. The use of bait stations on the inside of the building with non-toxic bait is a great monitoring tool. If you notice any activity then use the traps again.
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