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Silverfish and Fire Brats can be one of the easier of the Do It Yourself Pest Control choices, the use of Dekko Silverfish Pacs on the inside of the home or business and Niban Granules on the outside as the primary control and aerosols in the cracks and crevices, along with the other control measures listed below.
Silverfish and fire Brats are wingless, flat insects with two long, slender antennae on the front and three long, slender "bristles" at the rear of a tapered, carrot-shaped body. They are 1/2 inch long when fully grown. Silverfish are among the most common insects found in homes. Silverfish may be found almost anywhere in the house, but are most commonly found in moist, warm locations (such as around sinks and other plumbing fixtures). Silverfish feed on fungal molds and organic matter. They will damage natural fabrics, paper and book bindings. They are covered with shiny silver scales that give the body a metallic sheen. They are frequently found in sinks or bathtubs because they fall in seeking moisture and then cannot climb out. Silverfish are most active at night and run very swiftly with a wiggling motion that resembles the swimming action of a fish.
Fire brats are similar to silverfish in overall appearance but lack the silvery sheen. The body color is gray or brown, usually with numerous dark markings that give a mottled appearance. Unlike the silverfish that may be found in any part of a house, fire brats prefer areas of high temperature (90° F and above) and high humidity. Therefore, fire brats are more common in attics and around furnaces, ovens, and water heaters.
Silverfish and fire brats are pests primarily because they are a nuisance and an annoyance. They may consume or stain foods, fabric, paper, books, or wallpaper.  Damage to these items is significant, however, only in cases of very large infestations present over long periods of time. They feed on both carbohydrates and proteins and will travel quite far from their harborage in search of food. Once a suitable food source is located, they will remain close to it.
Sanitation is important but not entirely effective in reducing populations because insects often reside between wall partitions, in insulation materials, in books and papers, among bookshelves and in other protected places. However, be sure to remove old stacks of newspapers, magazines, papers, books and fabrics plus foodstuffs spilled and stored for long periods of time.  Often reducing available water and lowering the home's relative humidity with dehumidifiers and fans is helpful. Repair leaking plumbing and eliminate moisture around laundry areas. Lighting a dark, sheltered area may force these insects to move to new sites where they can be controlled more easily. Once the infestation has been eliminated, sanitation will help prevent re-infestation.
Control: Control can be and probably should use a combination of the following
  • Spray around all the possible entry points - under eaves, around windows and doors, etc. - with a long-term residual insecticide like Demand CS, Demon WP, Suspend SC, or Talstar P
  • Treating the inside with Delta Dust, or Perma Dust as these products can be applied to cracks and crevices where these insects hide.  Be sure to pay attention to plumbing areas, wall voids, and under cabinets. Pay special attention to any areas of your home where there is water. This includes the refrigerator, air conditioner, dishwasher, laundry room and all of the plumbing. The attic, basement, or crawl space may need to be treated as well. Most of your aerosols work well as crack and crevice treatment
  • Place glue boards behind sofas and other areas prone to silverfish for monitoring for them. Glue boards should not be used alone, they should be used with other control methods.
  • Use Dekko Silverfish Pacs, to use this product place the individual pacs in the areas where you observe silverfish. This is the method we recommend.
  • Use Niban Comfort Grip, this bait is highly attractive to silverfish and other insects.
    Bifen IT
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    Catchmaster Glue Boards 72 MB
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    catchmaster glue boards
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    catchmaster fruit fly trap
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    CatchMaster Fruit Fly & Insect Traps are safe for use in sensitive areas such as schools, hospitals and even food service and food prep areas.
    catchmaster roach trap
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    cy kick aerosol
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    Cy-Kick Aerosol is a Crack & Crevice Residual insecticide, used by many pest control professionals.
    cy kick cs
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    A long lasting residual for the control of many pests.
    cy kick cs
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    A & E's Choice for Crack & Crevice Treatments.
    cyzmic cs
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    delta dust
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    A long lasting, waterproof Insecticide dust.
    delta dust
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    Delta Dust and Duster combo for the Do-It-Yourselfer.
    demand cs
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    A & E's Choice for day to day pest control work. Demand cs is great for the control of Spiders. 8 oz. bottle will make 19 to 38 gallons of ready to use product.
    demon wp
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    D Foam
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    A & E's Choice: Deltamethrin in a Foam (Aerosol)
    1 - 17 oz. Aerosol

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