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 Snails & Slugs 

A snail or slug is considered a garden pest and a curiosity to many.  For the Do It Yourself Pest Control Person, Snail and slug control measures can include structural, non chemical and chemical means.  This pest is not one that the Pest Management Professionals usually deal with.  Slugs will sometimes eat our rodent baits and get into our termite bait stations. A & E uses Niban Comfort Grip as our weapon against these, because Niban Comfort Grip is safe around pets and other animals.  A great bait that we have use for a long time has just be reformulated , and now will help control your snails, slugs, and earwigs. Niban Comfor Grip will now help you control Ants, Crickets, Earwigs, Snails and Slugs.

Snails can live in a more exposed and slightly harsher environments with the help of their body armor, although slugs do not have the advantage of the protective, visible shell, slugs do have a hidden shell that is located under the mantle of its body. A slug is often described as "a snail without a shell."  Slugs have an advantage in that they can live in soils that are not rich in calcium, a material that aids in the formation of a snail's shell.  The down side of life without a shell is that the slug has to risk its naked body to the danger of drying out. To avoid this problem, it spends more time underground, which can mean more problems for the garden with root crops, buried seeds, and seedlings being destroyed by the pest.

Snails and slugs favor wet, cool environments.  Keeping an area free of plant debris, boards, stones and using a bait like Niban Comfort Grip or is an efficient plan of defense. Most snails and slugs return to the same “nesting” site each evening, unless the conditions become less favorable.  This knowledge can be used in eliminating a snail or slug problem and as a trapping tool.  Pouring salt on slugs is not exactly the best control measure; salt should not be added to any soil where plants are cultivated.  If you have time to pour salt on every snail or slug, you also have time to simply hand pick each snail or slug that you see and dispose of it.
The common sense approach to snail and slug control is to first eliminate items lying on the ground that encourage their presence. When snails or slugs are too numerous to control by individual hand picking, the use of baits may be required.

For creating a barrier for areas such as pots, planters, trees, raised flower beds, vines,and other areas, we recommend the Copper Barrier Tape or Copper mesh (Stuf-fit). These products act as a barrier to movement by slugs and snails.

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