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Here at A & E’s Do It Yourself Pest Control we believe THE ONLY GOOD SNAKE IS A LIVE SNAKE…and in many States it is a crime to catch, keep as a pet, or kill a non poisonous snake native to that State.
Snakes are cold blooded so therefore are unable to tolerate extremes cold and/or hot temperatures. This is why some snakes are noticed in the morning and/or the late evening hours. Many snakes will move out into the open during summer evenings, especially after a rain.
Snakes will eat many things including but not limited to insects, fish, amphibians, birds, rodents, eggs, other reptiles, and even other snakes. Many snakes will eat nuisance animals like mice and rats. Just one rat snake can eat up to three rats every two weeks. This will let many people see that just one snake can make a big impact an ecosystem. By reducing the rodent population this can reduce the potential for serious diseases like hanta virus or Lyme disease.
Remember that the snakes are more scared of you that you are of them. At the first sign of danger, or human contact, snakes will usually flee. Most snakes will strike in their own defense, this is a last resort. Snakes need food, water and shelter to live. Removing these necessities from your landscape will keep them out of your yard and house.
The thing a homeowner should do to reduce the chances of seeing any snake is to clean up clutter around the home.  Reduce any clutter that will attract the rodents and insects, like brush, rock and trash piles. Remember when you reduce the food source for the snakes you will reduce your chances of seeing any snakes around your home.

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