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DISCLAIMER: “A&E Pest Control, Inc. recommends that you have your home treated for termites by a Professional.” Your home is probably the largest investment you will ever make. Making sure that you have termite protection is very important. Termidor SC is, in our opinion, the best termiticide on the market today. But even using the best termiticide, does not guarantee 100% termite protection or that you will not have future termite infestation. By treating your own home, you are completely responsible for any repairs or damages that are caused by termite infestation. If you decide to treat your own home, then we suggest that you follow these guidelines in order to achieve the best results.


**YOU MUST WEAR PERSONAL PROTECTIVE SAFETY EQUIPMENT WHEN APPLYING TERMITICIDE.** Wear chemical resistant disposable gloves, dust mask, protective eyewear (goggles, a face-shield, or safety glasses with front, brow, and temple protection), long sleeved shirt, long pants, socks, and shoes when applying termiticide. **DO NOT APPLY TERMITICIDE ON WINDY OR RAINY DAYS.**  

  1. In order to purchase the correct amount of termiticide, you will need to measure around your home exterior, following the layout of the home in order to get the correct linear footage.
  2. Once that is done, you will need to dig a trench all the way around the exterior using a pick axe or trenching tool. The trench should be touching the home, 6 inches wide and 6 inches deep. Till up the dirt inside the trench very well, so that it will absorb the liquid better.
  3. Once your trench is dug, then you will need to mix up your termiticide. If you don’t have access to a Spray Rig, then we suggest that you use a 30 gallon plastic trash can (you can purchase these at any home improvement or discount center). Before mixing your measured amount of termiticide, mark off the measured gallon mark (24 gallons) on the trash can with a permanent mark. Use warm water to mix, it mixes much more thoroughly. When mixing your termiticide, use a long paint mixer that fits on most cordless or electric drills (you can purchase at any home improvement store), or anything that is long enough to reach the measured gallons of finished product. The termiticide needs to be mixed thoroughly before using.
  4. For your garage, porch, patios, or other contiguous slabs touching the home, you will need to get the termiticide underneath the concrete against the foundation. To do this you will need a hammer drill with a 1/2" x 18" drill bit. You drill holes throughout the concrete about 3-4 inches but no more than 12 inches away from the wall or foundation, and about every 10"-12" apart. Once you have the holes drilled, you will fill them at the same rate you did the trench, 4 gallons per 10 feet. To fill these we recommend using the one gallon sprayer on a "pin stream" setting so you can force the liquid down the hole and not splash it everywhere. Many people use a funnel and pour the termiticide down the holes. It is difficult to get 4 gallons per 10 feet in the holes, so take your time and get as much into the holes as possible. When you have finished filling the holes with the termiticide you will need to patch them with a concrete patch filler you can buy at most home improvement stores or you can use our Trebor plugs that will close the hole with no concrete mess.

One (1) 20 oz. bottle of Termidor SC will make 24 gallons of finished product. One (1) 20 oz bottle of Termidor SC will treat 60 linear feet.


The proper amount of termiticide to be applied is 4 gallons of finished product per 10 linear feet. You can use a clean five (5) gallon bucket and mark off where 4 gallons will be. If handling 4 gallons at a time is too difficult for you, then you can use a 2-1/2 gallon mop bucket (this can be purchased at any home improvement or discount store), and mark off a two (2) gallon mark on the mop bucket. Then apply 2 gallons for every 5 feet. This just makes it a little easier to handle.


Use something handy to mark your 10 feet measurement on the ground, such as a board cut to the size of 10 feet long, an old garden hose cut to that measurement, or anything that you can use that will make it easy to mark every 10 feet. If applying 2 gallons per 5 feet, then use something 5 ft. long to mark where you have treated.


You will probably have difficulty trying to pour all 4 gallons of termiticide into the trench at one time. Try pouring part of the termiticide into the trench and let it soak in, and then go back a little later and pour more in until you have applied all 4 gallons needed per 10 feet.


If your home has a crawl space there are some additional work you need to do. You will need to trench around all Piers holding up the house and treat around each one using the 4 gallons to every 10 feet rule.

These are the basic steps in a liquid termite treatment for Subterranean Termites for a house on a slab or a basement using Termidor sc. If you are using any other products these guidelines will not be correct.

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